In a world where health concerns loom large and conventional treatments often fall short, the search for effective, holistic solutions has become more urgent than ever. Pioneering a groundbreaking approach, David W. Brown, the visionary founder of the P53 Diet and author of the acclaimed “P53 Diet & Lifestyle,” and “How You Are Being Poisoned”  brings you a transformative opportunity: the P53 University Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist Course.

Designed with a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to harness the healing power of plant-based nutrition, this course is not just another certification—it’s a gateway to a paradigm shift in health and wellness.

Unveiling the P53 Approach: The P53 Diet has emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with serious health conditions, including cancer and other ailments. Rooted in the profound understanding of the body’s innate mechanisms, David W. Brown’s approach has garnered widespread recognition for its remarkable success stories of individuals who reversed cancer and other ailments without resorting to conventional Western medicine, David W. Brown has crafted a course allowing individuals to reclaim their health and vitality through the transformative power of plant-based nutrition. This course gives the health advisor more than just a weight loss program, with the understanding that pills are not the answer to your health.

The Comprehensive Curriculum: The Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist course offered by P53 University stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence and thoroughness in education. Encompassing a rich tapestry of knowledge, the curriculum delves deep into essential topics:

  • Understanding the Body: Gain profound insights into the intricacies of human physiology, unraveling the mysteries of how our bodies function and thrive on plant-based nutrition.
  • Biochemical Processes: Explore the biochemical underpinnings of nutrition, delving into the intricate pathways through which nutrients interact with our cells and tissues. You will learn and be tested on over 100 Hormones and Enzymes.
  • Toxicity and Detoxification: Grasp the detrimental effects of harmful toxins on our health and learn strategies to mitigate their impact through detoxification and cleansing protocols.
  • Amino Acids Mastery: Acquire an in-depth understanding of amino acids—the building blocks of protein—and their pivotal role in sustaining optimal health.
  • Nutrient Essentials: Delve into the details of vitamins and minerals, and gain insights into the crucial roles of vitamins and minerals in sustaining overall health and well-being.
  • Cancer & Ailments: Learn the about cancers and the diseases of the human body and know which plant-based foods have been shown through research studies to help fight certain cancers and ailments.
  • Plant-Based Cooking: Learn how to cook and prepare plant-based meals from Lisa Peterson from the P53 Food Carts, she will explain how to cook plant-based foods without cooking oils. Her proven recipes are delicious.

Science-Backed Knowledge for Empowered Guidance: Central to the P53 University Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist Course is the integration of scientific rigor with practical wisdom. Leveraging the proven success of the P53 Diet recipes and meal plans, students emerge as trusted advisors equipped with the expertise to guide clients toward optimal health and wellness.

Real-World Impact: The impact of the P53 approach extends beyond theoretical knowledge—it’s a movement that’s making tangible waves in communities today. From the bustling streets adorned with P53 Food Carts to the glowing testimonials featured on TV news, the transformative effects of this holistic approach are undeniable.

Path to Certification: To earn your coveted certificate as a Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist, you’ll embark on a journey through six meticulously crafted courses (Courses 1 through 5 must be completed before starting Course 6):

  • Course 1: Bio-Chemical Processes Course
  • Course 2: Human Body Course
  • Course 3: Amino Acids Course
  • Course 4: Harmful Toxins Course
  • Course 5: Vitamins/Minerals Course
  • Course 6: Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist Course

Each module serves as a stepping stone, guiding you toward mastery of plant-based nutrition and holistic wellness.

In a world saturated with fad diets and quick-fix solutions, the P53 University Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist Course stands as a beacon of integrity, efficacy, and transformation. Led by the visionary guidance of David W. Brown, this comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others—and in your own.

Embrace the power of plant-based nutrition. Join us on this transformative journey with P53 University. Together, let’s redefine what’s possible in health and wellness.

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area please take the time to visit a P53 Food Cart this cart is located at 47th & Woodstock, our P53 Mobile cart at Fairs, Farmers Market, and other events. You will love the food and it is all based on the P53 Diet.